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Recent Trades

AAPL ~ +17.6%
HD ~ +22.5%
INMD ~ +16.3%
ABNB ~ +17.6%
AAPL ~ +14.9%
CRM ~ +16.3%
NFLX ~ +13.6%
ETSY ~ (-22.5%)
AMD ~ +20.9%
NVDA ~ +15.6%

Our Objective

Our unique trade ideas offer insight and trade reports four (4) times per month. We specialize in weekly options spread trading. The primary objective for all is positive returns on a consistent basis, right? Short-term investment ideas targeting double-digit steady returns. Weekly options are not easy to trade, but our proprietary option spread strategy has shown positive results on a consistent basis. The goal is to maintain consistent returns while managing risk. For instance, in-depth research is the basis for each & every trade idea. Market conditions, stock valuations, option volatility, and upcoming events are just some of the focal points of our weekly research.





Weekly Options Strategy

Both bullish and bearish option positions may be taken. As a result, returns have outperformed on a consistent basis. Analyzing new information helps us predict short-term moves in individual stocks. These weekly trading strategies are now passed on to subscribers only. We love bull markets, but some of our best trade ideas have been during volatile markets. Bottom line: our weekly options strategy is to profit during up markets AND down markets.


Weekly options are not easy and losses can and will occur. With that said, history has shown that our strategy has been consistently profitable. Expert weekly options trading alerts, proven strategies for today’s markets. Stock options, derivatives of the underlying equity, are the focus from the weekly options list. As a result, option weeklys have provided super opportunities.. Investors may choose to buy or sell puts to protect a stock position. Determining the right option trading strategies and specific stock to target has become an integral part of this weekly investment newsletter. Choosing the best stock to trade has been a key element in this newsletters success! One new excellent trade recommendation per week ~ Sign up now.